Live in Horten

Putting it simply, living in Horten makes you feel a bit lucky. Not like ‘won-millions-on-the-pools lucky’, more ‘things-you-just-can’t-buy lucky’

In Horten you live a stone’s throw away from just about everything and a queue is a flight of imagination.

Do you like living close to others or feel you need a bit more space around you? Is a detached house top of your wish list, or does an apartment suit you a bit better perhaps? Is your dream a smallholding where you can grow your own vegetables or is life downtown more you?

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in Horten.

«A little bit about Horten.»

In our series ‘A little bit about Horten’, you meet a few ‘Hortenites’ who say a little bit about why they like living exactly where they do.  Maybe you find the place that’s perfect for you too?

A city in development

It is safe to say that the spirit of innovation lives in Horten and that it is thought outside the box – also on the housing front. What about living in a floating home, for example? In a few years it will be possible in Horten - as the first place in Norway. Here you can read about this and several of the exciting projects to come.
Indre havneby

Indre havneby

Step-by-step development over the coming years with both residential and commercial projects.  With the first phase complete, people have already moved in. Enjoy the coastal path and the generous, green recreational areas along the shore.

Rørestrand Park

Rørestrand Park

Close to the sea, beaches and woods. Sun, fresh sea air and beautiful recreational areas in one of Horten’s most attractive residential areas.
200 metres to the fjord with an attractive marina and beach. The coastal path and cycle paths immediately alongside.
Only a few minutes from the centre of Horten.

Strandhagen at Steinsnes

Strandhagen at Steinsnes

A new, modern, residential estate in one of the town’s best locations. The first phase consists 22 apartments of various designs and five family-friendly terraced houses in beautiful surroundings.

A floating community

A floating community

What about living in a floating house, for example? In just a few years, this will be possible in Horten – for the first time in Norway.

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Is there something in the water?

In Horten we’re an enterprising bunch. Maybe there’s something in the water because we’re talking top rank entrepreneurial spirit. You can see it in the arts and culture front where our many superstars range from Edvard Munch to Girl in Red.

When it comes to technology, we’re the world leaders in a number of areas and we’re Norway’s’ technology hotspot No.1. There’s loads of evidence to show how Horten is full of people paving the way in their field and we’re equally proud of every one of them.

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Horten is a safe place to grow up

We have space for all our kids at preschool and many of our schools and preschools are brand new. Our absolute pride is Horten secondary school – Norway’s first plus-energy school. 
What’s more, there’s a whole load of leisure-time activities to revel in: lovely beaches, ski-trails, salt and freshwater activities, forests and mountains.

BO Hage Hus

Three-storey home office with garage and sunny garden with apple-trees.

Horten has lots of exciting workplaces, but we also have access to an enormous work market that stretches from Oslo and Drammen in the north to Larvik and Grenland in the south, Kongsberg in the west and Moss in the east. It’s good to know you can tick off the columns for both home office and commuter facilities.


Call a Hortenite!

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It’s safe to say that the spirit of innovation and thinking outside the box are alive and well in Horten – not least when it comes to housing.
What about living in a floating house, for example? In just a few years, this will be possible for the first time in Norway. Where? Horten of course!

Scroll down to read more about some of the exciting projects on the way:

Wondering about what other kinds of housing are available here?

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