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Film text Holtandalen

I soon found out here was where I wanted to die.


I studied at Telemark High School in Porsgrunn while you were studying in Sandefjord.


And we were living in Sandefjord, but then because of work opportunities

it was natural for us to move here. Aleksander got a job at Rygge. I’m originally from Skoppum, and from the area, and I missed living here. So he wanted to move to Horten. And we’ve no regrets.


The school and kindergarten are about 800 metres’ walk south from here...


...and the school and kindergarten are right beside each other so it makes delivering and picking them up easy on the way to and from work. That makes your everyday round that little bit easier.


We spend a lot of afternoons and weekends outside. Especially up towards Knudsrød, because you only have to go straight across the road and then one kilometre. We use the woods especially in the spring and autumn. In the summer, we just walk five minutes down to the sea

and then we’re on the beach. Reverompa, Løvøya...


...Karljohansvern, Rørestrand. It’s only a short distance to them all actually.


We chose to move to this road because it’s a dead end and child-friendly and only a short way to most things. And then they began in the kindergarten and got to know this lot behind us.


Hallo! Are you pretending to be shy? That’s not like you.


This is Madeleine and Øystein and they are our eldest son’s in-laws. So that’s how we got to know each other. So they’ve become our extended family.


I love living in Horten. It’s Vestfold’s coolest town and has a pulse all of its own you might say.

What with the cultural life and not least if you’ve got any kind of interest in military history like I have – then it’s just fabulous with Karljohansvern and all the history tied up with that. We had a deal that if I didn’t get on here after one year, then we’d try moving to Bergen for a year.


And we never did that because I soon found out here was where I wanted to die.