Horten is maybe not the biggest town by size but it’s pretty enormous when it comes to experiences and culture.

It’s almost a bit much, what with both Munch and our Viking inheritance within the municipal boundary!

We are a bona fide cultural town and the self-appointed cultural capita of Vestfold. Enthusiasm, drive and creativity mean that you can go from festival to festival and from exhibitions to dance shows and theatre performances. We hold more festivals over the summer than you can count on both hands. Everything from punk to chamber music.

The pulse rises as the town fills up with music lovers from home and abroad. Rumour has it that one fellow thought there was rather too much going on at times.

- Well, that’s his opinion.

‘I have painted here for more than 30 years, my best pictures.’

Edvard Munch about Åsgårdstrand

Munchs Hus
Foto: Hanne Bergby Olsen, Vestfoldmuseene

Munch’s house

In Åsgårdstrand, we have nothing less than Munch’s house – the only place when you can actually see and feel how Edvard Munch lived. 
When you walk the narrow streets and along the beach, it is suddenly like being in one of his paintings. Pretty exclusive if you ask me!

As well as Munch’s own house, it’s possible to see a digital Munch exhibition. 

Curious about how Munch lived in Åsgårdstrand? Have a look here


OPPLEVE Jente Med Viking
Foto: Midgard vikingsenter

At Borre, we have ‘Borrehaugene’ – a national park with Norway’s largest group of monumental grave-mounds from the Nordic Iron Age. Here you can climb the mounds, try out Viking life in authentic surroundings with expert guidance from Midgard Viking Centre.
A ton of unique Viking experiences awaits!

The Viking Age is here!

Discover Horten

Every town has its creative forces. The people who dare, and who contribute to what you and I need in terms of options and opportunities – the experiences that make a town.

In ‘Discover Horten’, we meet some of the people that set the town pulse racing.


Didrick Stenersen: Visitvestfold.Com
Foto: Didrick Stenersen / visitvestfold.com

The Royal Norwegian Navy Museum and the Preus Museum of Photography

Talking about history, we can’t fail to mention that we have two national museums here too. Right beside each other in Karljohansvern are the Royal Norwegian Navy Museum and the Preus Museum of Photography

The Preus Museum is a treasure trove of photographs, technical gear and photographic literature housed in a historical building and the Royal Norwegian Navy Museum is one of the oldest navy museums in the world. Not that we like to boast!

Wha’s happenin’?

Wondering what kinds of events are lined up in Horten? Check out Visit Vestfold’s events calendar. Loads to get your teeth into.

Be seein’ you!


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The perfect gift

In Horten, we make a thing of shopping locally – because we want a town that’s full of life.

If you’re looking for our local gift vouchers, then you checkout Horten Business Forum. There you can find everything you need to know.